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Hello buket!

We are not just an online store, but the first marketplace in Ukraine for flowers, florists, gifts, desserts, confectioners, and related services and goods! 🏆🌸 We give customers the opportunity to order flowers with home delivery, being in any city in Ukraine! You can buy cheap flowers online and even around the clock and get free delivery by courier service to the required address 🛵💐 There are flowers by the piece, and bouquets, and even arrangements in hat boxes 😍 Choose and give attention to your loved ones!

Where to buy cake and desserts?

Category of sweets 🍰🍩🎂🧁 We bring together in one place everyone who is passionate about this new trend of making their own or buying designer desserts. You no longer need to search Instagram and call friends and acquaintances - overeat on :) A beautiful bouquet without a delicious dessert is a waste of money. For fashionable confectioners and sellers, for true connoisseurs and simply lovers of sweets, we have created this section. Here you can buy, order or sell exquisite additions to bouquets - designer cakes, macaroons, French macaroons, chestnut quintons, delicate cheesecakes and panna cottas, exquisite tiramisu and even oriental sweets - will make the surprise even more pleasant 😋


So. Our advantages:
  • 🏆 We are the first and only flower and gift marketplace in Ukraine
  • 🏆 Great prices and real human service here
  • 🏆 On you can not only buy flowers, desserts, etc., but also build a business
  • 🏆 Here you can order a bouquet with delivery from any city of Ukraine at any time of the day - many of our florists work around the clock You just have no chance not to fall in love with us! 😍 After all, we already love you so much and are ready to lead you the best bouquets in the world, wherever you are! Hurry to join us! We are looking forward to meeting you ❤️

We know how to buy cheap flowers

Our mission is to create the buying habit of looking for flowers and related products in one place, choosing a convenient location, a trusted florist, a suitable delivery method and a competitive price. We have created a minimalistic and functional web interface and will soon launch mobile applications for the flower and florist market, confectionery and confectioners, and other related services and specialists.

Services at

In the Services section, we plan to see those who sell everything for floristry, perform work in the field of floristry, decoration and gardening, landscape and interior design, conduct master classes and courses in floristry, events and holidays. A separate subcategory "Rent" has been created, on the one hand, for those who want to make money by renting out property for the services listed above, and on the other hand, for those who want to save money and take everything they need for a while. Announcements without purchase have been created especially for the "Services" section - after all, it is difficult to determine the cost without first calculating the amount of work and, accordingly, the cost.

What flowers can you buy here?

Flowers on the marketplace are divided into three categories:
Flowers by the piece Here you can sell and order certain types of flowers. We have 82 of them! 🤩 Peonies, alstroemeria, ranunculus, tulips, roses, eustomas, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, callas and many more beauty!
Bouquets of flowers Section for sale and purchase with delivery of bouquets and original flower arrangements. Here you can buy a bouquet of flowers, sell ready-made bouquets and even make a custom-made bouquet or composition of any complexity. A perfect gift for a festive event or just for no reason :) There are Gift Sets in this category 🎁 Here you will find delicious bouquets 🤤🌸 Fruits, sweets and even meat products can create cool compositions. With such an original gift, you can please and surprise your friends, colleagues, relatives and do it while in different cities.
Flowers in boxes and baskets 📦 Here you can sell / buy flowers in beautiful baskets and hat boxes of any shape (round, square, oval, heart-shaped). Flowers in envelopes, compositions on floral foam or a sponge, flowers and bouquets in vases and flasks, and even bears made of flowers - here you will find everything and even more!

Sell flowers and bouquets on

And we also work as a service for sellers ☝ If you are a florist or owner of a flower shop, you can safely start making money on 😉 Selling on our marketplace is convenient and really profitable. Judge for yourself, you can get an order from people who might never find your instagram shop for flowers, gifts or pastries. You can also trade around the clock ☝ You only need 30 minutes to start. Register your store and publish products. Done, you are great! Now follow the orders that come to your online store and fulfill them 📦 can be your main sales channel. And this is very cool, because we have a user-friendly interface and simple, transparent terms of cooperation 📈 64% of Ukrainians make consistent purchases on the Internet. Just imagine that you don't have to run through flower shops looking for a bouquet. And you can surprise your loved ones without hiding flowers in closets and neighbors. Now it's easy to congratulate a loved one even while in another city 😍 It's very cool, tell me ?! Ordering flowers online is much more convenient than running to the store. It's also cheap and saves a lot of your time

Flowers and more

We call related products in the categories Gifts, Home, Garden, Florists and services in the Services category. We have created separate subcategories: balloons, soft toys, gift bags and boxes, postcards and envelopes, everything that turns a home into an atmospheric space with a unique taste and style - dishes, vases and flower pots, candles and candlesticks, photo frames, decor and decorations - this is not a complete list of goods in the "Home" section, plant seeds, seedlings, street decor, garden tools, materials, everything for floristry that both a novice florist and design studios and companies will need - tools for work, packaging materials, special furniture and equipment, consumables and much more ...

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